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Physics: Principles with Applications, 7 ed. - skiptibók

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Physics: Principles with Applications: International Edition, 7 edition,

Ath.: Notuð bók - Skiptibók!

Douglas C. Giancoli.


Elegant, engaging, exacting, and concise, Giancoli’s Physics: Principles with Applications, Seventh Edition, helps students view the world through eyes that know physics.

Giancoli’s text is a trusted classic, known for its elegant writing, clear presentation, and quality of content. Using concrete observations and experiences students can relate to, the text features an approach that reflects how science is actually practiced: it starts with the specifics, then moves to the great generalizations and the more formal aspects of a topic to show students why we believe what we believe.

Written with the goal of giving students a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of physics in all its aspects, the text uses interesting applications to biology, medicine, architecture, and digital technology to show students how useful physics is in their own everyday lives and in their future professions.


Engaging applications and elegant writing show the relevance of physics.
• Concrete applications, observations, and experiences that students can relate to show students how useful physics is in their everyday lives and future professions in such areas as biology, medicine, and architecture.

• Physics Applied margin notes highlight the varied and frequent applications in the text.The writing style is concise and elegant, using an economy of words to describe physics accurately and precisely.

Proven pedagogy guides students through common misconceptions to teach important problem solving skills.
• NEW!Chapter-Opening Questions, at the start of each chapter, help identify preconceived notions that students might have before they read the chapter.

• NEW! MisConceptual Questions are multiple-choice questions, at the end of each chapter, that address common student misconceptions.

• NEW!Search and Learn Problems at the end of each chapter encourage students to reread part of the text.

• Worked Examples include consistent problem solving strategies with Approach, Solution, and Note steps.

• Problem Solving Strategies throughout the book outline step-by-step approaches to get students thinking about and involved in the problem at hand.

• Conceptual Examples feature brief Socratic questions intended to stimulate students to respond before they read the Response given.

• Estimate Examples develop skills for making order-of-magnitude estimates.

• Problem Solving margin notes offer problem solving hints where needed most.

Pearson, 1.088 pp.