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Life of Pi - skiptibók

VNR: NOT799921
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A4 tekur á móti notuðum bókum allt árið í öllum verslunum fyrirtækisins gegn inneignarnótu. Í verslunum A4 Skeifunni og Egilsstöðum er rekinn skiptibókamarkaður allt árið. Í verslunum A4 á Akureyri og Selfossi er opinn skiptibókamarkaður í anna skiptum.
Ekki er hægt að kaupa skiptibækur í vefverslun vegna þess hve lagerstaða breytist ört.
Life of Pi - skiptibók

ATH: Notuð bók

Author: Yann Martel.

The plot, if that’s the right word, concerns the oceanic wanderings of a lost boy, the young and eager Piscine Patel of the title (Pi). After a colourful and loving upbringing in gorgeously-hued India, the Muslim-Christian-animistic Pi sets off for a fresh start in Canada. His blissful voyage is rudely interrupted when his boat is scuppered halfway across the Pacific, and he is forced to rough it in a lifeboat with a hyena, a monkey, a whingeing zebra and a tiger called Richard. That would be bad enough, but from here on things get weirder: the animals start slaughtering each other in a veritable frenzy of allegorical bloodlust, until Richard the tiger and Pi are left alone to wander the wastes of ocean, with plenty of time to ponder their fate, the cruelty of the gods, the best way to handle storms and the various different recipes for oothappam, scrapple and coconut yam kootu.

Publisher: Canongate Books,
Dreifingaraðili: Bertrams